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верхом на ките
... And by the same token, let's face it: our summers are nothing to write home about. Yes, it's beautiful when it's warm and sunny, but the problem is that it very seldom is. The Swedish summer is unreliable. The winter is not. The winter will be long, dark and cold. The winter is who we are, and our winter is what makes our country unique. We would be better off embracing it, instead of hating it and living for summer.
I'm coming home for Christmas and I'm doing it thoroughly. I'll be landing Dec 1st so I'm here for all the Sunday afternoon parties with mulled wine and home baking that Swedes host to celebrate the Christmas countdown known as advent. I won't miss Lucia on December 13, when I'm going to rise brutally early to see my niece and nephew sing angelic songs in a church together with all their school mates and eat the saffron buns called lussekatter. I'll be celebrating Christmas Eve in the archipelago, in a hundred-year old wooden house with old-fashioned tiled stoves and creaky floors. Hopefully there will be snow and ice, most certainly it will be cold and dark. And I'm going to love every second.

Karin Strom
for Totally Stockholm

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